Running with a music playlist

by keeprunningstrong

Working out to the sound of nature – birds chirping, the river roaring and the gravel of the ground crunching at my feet – offers a peaceful approach to enjoying a run. And up until recently, that’s how I rolled.

But in order to break up the monotony, I’ve joined the masses of people with headphones around their heads and made myself a running playlist using Itunes and my Ipod Touch. I’ll tell you, it’s not so bad if the headphones are wireless. And at some points in the run, it can even add a boost.

When my legs start to feel like jello, Bad Religion offers to predict the future for me with New Dark Ages.

When my mind tells me I can’t move anymore, the Bouncing Souls serenade me with Born To Lose – I sing along with it like this:

“Born to lose, I’ve lived my life in vain. All my dreams have only caused me pain. All my life, I’ve always been so blue. Born to lose, and now I’m losing you. Hey, Hey.” 

And when I feel like just giving up, Joey Ramone fixes my mood with Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World.

Oh, what a great mix of music.

So … here I offer up a playlist I put together for a five-mile run. All the songs are upbeat, and most of them are punk. I encourage everyone to try this list out, and give me some suggestions for listening material: