Gnats of the river trail

by keeprunningstrong


Gnats stuck to my sweaty head after a 5 mile run by the river. (Picture reluctantly taken by Stefanie Hernandez)


Gnats stick to my sweaty neck after a 5 mile run on the trail. (Picture reluctantly taken by Stefanie Hernandez.)

By spending enough time outdoors, a runner realizes certain annoyances. In the city of Anaheim, and I’m guessing much of Orange County, gnats hover low to the ground in clusters, bugging everybody.

I’ve witnessed them at Angel Stadium, delaying a game because a swarm clouded the pitchers mound.

They always seem to travel in groups – little creatures creating more havoc then their size might otherwise allow.

I’ve figured out there is no avoiding a swarm of gnats on a run about the river trail. Ducking my head and closing my mouth seems to be the only solution. At times of heavy breathing I even find myself inhaling the little insects.

And when I return home, I wipe the bloody gnat carcasses from my sweaty face and neck. Like kamikaze’s, they’re more intent on obstructing my run, then living a long insect life.

Worst of all, when blowing my nose, I discover some flew threw my nostrils.

The swarms are hard to avoid while running in Anaheim, and the little buggers are part of my daily exercise.

When running in this town, one must learn to co-exist with the gnats of the Santa Ana River trail.