Older runner inspires, setting records for her age group

by keeprunningstrong

Kathy Martin appeared in an article in the NY Times

Kathy Martin races in the 3,000 meter distance run in January at the Armory in Manhattan. (Picture taken by Michael Appleton for The New York Times, from the article I referenced.)

Running in a competitive race at the age of 40 impresses even the biggest skeptics. But setting world running records at the age of 60 should have the media world bowing in fervor.

Kathy Martin is doing just that. As re-called by writer Barry Bearak in a New York Times article “After late start, runner is speeding through records,” Martin’s inspiring story should be a wake up call to anyone who avoids running because they say that they’ve never been athletic.

Her young life never realized the potential waiting to explode, Bearak writes. She was stuck in a world of men who dominated the sports scene.

At the age of 30 she decided to change her life, following her husband on a routine jog, the article says. Ever since then, even at the young age of 60, the world belongs to her. Read the whole article here to grasp a better feel for her accomplishments.

Martin is proof that at an older age running can provide a younger vitality. She always has a goal to reach, and like a person should do with life, once she fulfills them, she doesn’t stop. She stands on her tippy toes and reaches higher.

As a humble average runner myself, when I’m 60, I’ll remember Kathy Martin to help me stay strong.