Warding off an illness

by keeprunningstrong

Lying in bed, watching cartoons

My sick daughter, Sofie, watches cartoons in bed, inspiring this blog. I think I gave her my illness.

Rubbing the back of a sore neck and feeling warm air seep from a clogged nose indicates to a person of an impending sickness. And worse, a possible halt to everything in the world.

So running six miles might not be the best idea. But I ran anyway, and it felt great.

I’ve heard the advice many times. When a sickness begins to creep, run or sweat it off. Exercising, I’m sure, has helped me ward off sickness.

And when the people around me suffer the extreme symptoms from a virus, like a sore throat or a fever, I seem to always avoid the worst. I’ll catch the sniffles for a couple of days or maybe fight off a scratchy throat.

But according to an article I read on Active.com, Dr. David Nieman, Ph. D, a professor and director of the human performance lab at Appalachian State University and the North Carolina Research Campus said running might make a person feel better because of a certain serotonin boast, but it doesn’t help fight a cold or the flu.

Yet, according to studies from the same article, running everyday strengthens a person’s immune system, solving the mystery of my ability to fend off illness.

Without health insurance, drinking plenty of water and sucking down endless amounts of Emergen-C when a sickness starts to form is my only defense. And for the past three years, the routine seems to work.

But when a virus really inserts its ugly talons, I turn to a medicine I discovered at a health food store called Umcka. It seems to loosen the phlegm, making life easier when I blow my nose or cough.

We all have our magic remedies, but I’ve found that nothing is more important than pure fluids, especially if I am still running.

Stay hydrated. And keep running – before a sickness strikes – to strengthen that immune system. But remember, don’t over do a workout if you’re too sick.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a physician. Please seek professional assistance for advise if you are ill. This blog is for the purpose to inform readers of what I do when I am sick and is not intended to replace a doctors visit.