Through my head, a live look at my run

by keeprunningstrong

The big A from the river

This view of Angel Stadium and the Honda Center from the Santa Ana River trail was taken by me the day after my five mile night run.

Last night I ran five miles up the Santa Ana River towards Angel Stadium. Here is a live look at my journey.

Starting off the run at about 7:45 p.m:

  • My tempo is upbeat, and I am fully energized.
  • The weather is perfect – a cool comfortable breeze provides a pleasant atmosphere. I gaze at the stars, occasionally.
  • The surroundings at night are hard to visualize, but my other senses guide me.
  • The time for my first mile is 7 minutes and 19 seconds.

My second mile:

  • My mind starts to wander. I think about school and the untimely crash of my computer. The running seems to help deal with the stress from the situation – I have three tests coming up next week, and all my notes are stored in my computer.
  • I formulate ideas on how to overcome the situation. First I need a backup copy of my hard drive. Second, I need another computer. Third, I need to cancel all my plans. I try to stay positive.
  • My heavy breathing begins to hasten.
  • The cool air chills the sweat dripping down my neck, leaving my body feeling good.
  • I proceed through dark street underpasses, which quickens my steady pace.
  • I pass my second mile at 14 minutes and 22 seconds.

The third mile:

  • I’m on my way back, reaching my half-way point with a clear view of Angel stadium. The baseball field illuminates the night sky, erasing the stars yet providing a new spectacular view.
  • My breathing is deep, and my mind still wanders, trying to forget about any pain my lungs and legs endure.
  • I begin this mile with a steady pace, though at about half way I decide to speed up the tempo. Or at least I felt like I was moving faster.
  • I could visually see the ‘Circle K’ lights – this is a sign that I am about to reach the end of my run. The ‘Circle K’ is a little more than a mile away from me at this point.
  • I finish the third mile at 22 minutes and … I can’t remember the seconds.

The fourth mile:

  • I begin to focus more on my running and breathing.
  • I realize that If I do not hustle, my time is going to be atrocious.
  • I pick up the pace drastically.
  • As I pass the ‘Circle K’, this indicates to me that I have about 400 meters left to run.
  • I begin to sprint up-hill with my final destination in sight.
  • Few to no thoughts flow through my head. The only thought I have is the length of my running strides, running up hill.
  • I pump my arms and my legs, and I flex my muscles much harder than I did for most of the run.
  • Alas, I have finished my run.
  • My final time is 36 minutes and 45 seconds for a five mile run.
  • And I formulated an idea about what to do with my computer situation.

My final thoughts:

I’ve come to the conclusion to purchase another computer – although it may be temporary. My wife will probably make me return it when she finds out.

The apple store in Brea has a 14 day return policy – we’ll see what happens.

In regards to repairing my broken Mac, it will take the Apple store 7-10 business days.

Oh yeah, concerning the run. It proved to be a great stress reliever. My mind cleared and thoughts straightened.

I hope you enjoyed the run.